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Investigation of Commercial Vehicle C​​rashes​

Course Number: CV-406
Course Length: 5 Days (40 Hours)

This program provides training in both the investigation of commercial vehicle collisions, and the safe operation of these potentially dangerous, oversized vehicles on roadways often not designed for the integration of large numbers of huge, fast-moving, slow-stopping, 18-wheel vehicles with increasingly smaller passenger cars.

This course is a general course designed to improve the police officer's skill in inspecting post-crash commercial vehicles. The course is a uniquely designed introduction to the nomenclature and purpose of the components of a commercial vehicle, failures of each component, and methods to conduct an accurate investigation of a commercial vehicle collision. We look at characteristics and problems surrounding air brakes and stopping distances. We also examine rollover, jackknife, underride, and trailer swing crashes, and deliver presentations focusing on on-board computers.

​Prerequisite - Advanced and Technical Analysis Collisio​n Investigation