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Pedestrian Collision Investigation

Course Number: CL-308
Course Length: 3 Days (24 Hours)

This training program is designed for the experienced police officer, supervisor or traffic homicide investigator, or accident reconstructionist who wants to improve skills, knowledge and techniques while investigating pedestrian-vehicular collisions.

The emphasis is on human factors, physical evidence, speed analysis, documentation of the scene and accident elements, and the analysis of all evidence gathered.

Human factors include perception/reaction times indexed by individual conditions, distractions, physical attributes of driver and victim, and substance impairment. Scene analysis includes line of sight, roadway conditions, weather, debris, lighting and nighttime factors.

Speed analysis includes pedestrian throw and other related speed equations. Physical evidence includes the pedestrian and the vehicle involved, including autopsy, clothing, injury analysis, vehicle types, damage profiles, headlight patterns and documentation.

The course curriculum includes the following:

  1. Causes of pedestrian collisions
  2. Identifying the point of impact
  3. Vehicle examination
  4. Pedestrian trajectory in relationship to vehicular movement
  5. Pedestrian injury analysis
  6. Speed calculation and techniques
  7. Human factors
  8. Scene analysis
  9. Evidence collection and analysis
  10. Field studies
  11. Photography
  12. Case studies

Prerequisite - Adv​anced and Technical Analysis Collisio n Investigation