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Traffic Collision Reconstruction

Course Number: CL-305
Course Length: 10 Days (80 Hours)

The final level of the three core traffic collision investigation courses. Reconstruction contains highly technical subject matter including interpreting evidence from a collision scene, reconstructing collision and using mathematical computations to determine causation factors of a collision. Officers use diagramming tools, measuring instruments and photographs, as well as elements of algebra, geometry and trigonometry in case determination.

The course includes staged collision situations and diagramming projects to provide practice in determining the speed of a vehicle in a collision, the effects of weight shift in braking, the effects of anti-skid braking systems, direction of travel, initial contact points and position of vehicle on the roadway.

Because of the highly technical subject matter, it is mandatory for each applicant to have successfully completed the On-Scene and Advanced collision investigation training courses or equivalent training from a recognized training institution.

(Prerequisite - Advanced and Technical Analysis Collision Investigation)