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PA-625 Tactical Communications: Realistic De-Escalation


ILEE staff recently completed an extensive update on this course. We have incorporated the concepts that had been presented in our Perception of Danger course with the information in our previous version of Tactical Communications: The Art of De-Escalation. The result is a two-day, comprehensive dive into realistic de-escalation. 

**Please note that ILEE's instructors are certified through Force Science Institute in Realistic De-Escalation. This course incorporates material gleaned from that course and is being offered with permission from Force Science Institute.  

Breath Test Instrument Maintenance Training

The Breath Test Instrument Supervisor class name has been changed to Breath Test Instrument Maintenance.  The class will remain the same; the name change reflects a more accurate description of the class.  An operator or changeover certification is required as a prerequisite to this class.

PENNDOT forms have been updated.

New forms - DL-26A (PDF) and DL-26B (PDF).