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Breath Test Operator Refresher is a new class we have added to address the changes, updates and issues concerning breath testing. This class is for certified breath test operators who haven’t had an update in 3 years. It’s recommended that all breath test operators attend this class every 3 years to maintain their expertise in operating any evidentiary breath test unit in Pennsylvania. 

The Traffic Patrol/Drug Interdiction and Vehicle Search and Seizure classes have both been drastically changed beginning January 2021.  This is due to the December 2020 ruling of Com. v. Alexander by the PA Supreme Ct. requiring a higher bar of exigent circumstance present before a warrantless search of a vehicle.  A link to the Alexander case is listed below:

PENNDOT forms have been updated.

New forms - DL-26A (PDF), DL-26B (PDF) and DL-27 (PDF).