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Supporting Breakfast in our Schools

December 20, 2023 12:00 AM
By: PDE Press and Communications Office

Governor's School Breakfast Challenge

Supporting Breakfast in our Schools

Did you know that school breakfast is now completely free for all Pennsylvania public school children? This exciting initiative opens up a world of opportunities for our students and provides multiple benefits that extend far beyond the breakfast table.

Here are five reasons why encouraging your kids to eat breakfast in school is a step towards their well-being.

  1. A Quick & Wholesome Start – Save time in the mornings by skipping the drive-thru or convenience store lines that can make students late. By sending your kids to school for breakfast, you ensure that they receive a nutritious and filling meal, saving valuable time in the process.
  2. A Morning Wake-Up Call – Many students may not feel hungry first thing in the morning. School breakfast provides a solution, giving students more time to sleep in while allowing their bodies, bellies, and brains the time they need to fully wake up. It's a win-win for both well-rested students and attentive classrooms.
  3. Enhanced Classroom Performance – Several studies highlight the positive impact of a well-balanced breakfast on academic performance. Students who eat breakfast at school tend to  perform better on tests, showcase improved attention spans, and have fewer visits to the school nurse for issues like headaches. Well-nourished bodies and brain contribute to a more focused and engaged classroom experience.
  4. Promoting Health Through USDA Standards – Each breakfast served in schools is required to meet USDA nutrition standards. This ensures that meals provided are not only convenient, but health conscious. Many school breakfasts include nutritious foods like whole grains, fruits, and milk.
  5. Building Social Connections – Breakfast in schools provides students with the opportunity to come together in a relaxed and communal settings. Sharing meals fosters social interactions and encourages students to connect with their peers, teachers, and staff. Students who share breakfast often contribute to a positive school culture and promote friendships and a sense of belonging.

And you can join in on the fun. The Governor's School Breakfast Challenge is now live! For the rest of the 2023-2024 school year, school districts will be encouraged and recognized for increasing breakfast participation while implementing sustainable changes that incorporate more nutritious and local foods. For more information, visit our Governor's School Breakfast Challenge Webpage which outlines the challenge and provides a digital toolkit for school administrators to use.

We encourage you to join in the effort for a brighter, healthier future for Pennsylvania's youth! ​

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