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Our Abbott Elementary Season 3 Wishlist

Tags: Education
February 08, 2024 12:00 AM
By: PDE Press and Communications Office

Between the witty commentary of fictional teacher, Janine Teagues, and the rest of her Abbott Elementary teachers, support staff, and administration, the fictional school often feels eerily similar to the real thing. 

For example, in one episode, the Abbott staff heads to the Pennsylvania Educational Conference, where they meet with other educators to share ideas and knowledge, as well as take professional development courses. This fictional conference reminds us more specifically of the PA Department of Education, the SAS Institute (PDE’s annual professional development conference, which was recently held in December), or the PDE Data Summit.  

One of the ways that Abbot Elementary doesn’t shy away from is the hardships that teachers face. It showcases them as humans who have to accommodate the administration and parents of students while navigating everyday issues like broken lights and uninterested students. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or just someone who has stepped foot into a public school, you might find Abbott Elementary a little bit relatable too.  

Regardless, we at PDE have a special place in our heart for Abbott Elementary (and Pennsylvania native and Emmy-award winner Quinta Brunson), but we can’t help but do some wishful thinking. Here’s what we’d like to see discussed in the new season of Abbott Elementary!  

1. An increase in public school funding 

This past year, Governor Shapiro included a $567 million increase in basic education funding, the largest increase to the Basic Education Funding Formula in Pennsylvania history. This included, specifically, an increase of $85.5 million for the School District of Philadelphia. 

2. Pennsylvania’s Universal Free Breakfast 

One of the top priorities of the Shapiro administration was to guarantee universal free breakfast for all Pennsylvania students. Governor Shapiro delivered a $46.5 million fund that ensures all students across the commonwealth have access to a healthy, nutritious meal to start the school day and eliminates the stigma associated with free and reduced-price breakfast.  

3. A new way to recruit Pennsylvania teachers 

This fall, we launched a new website to provide resources and information to individuals interested in becoming educators in the Commonwealth. In previous seasons of Abbott, the teacher shortage is a reoccurring theme of the classrooms. TeachPA hopes to remedy this by attracting the next generation of students through teacher testimonials, better career and certification process guidelines, and more information about individualized pathways to becoming an educator.  

Regardless of if this next season of Abbott Elementary does mention the above items, we’re confident the show will continue to support and relate to teachers throughout the Commonwealth and country. 

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