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From Sow to Grow: A Learner’s Guide to the 2024 PA Farm Show

January 05, 2024 12:00 AM
By: PDE Press and Communications Office

An image of rolling farm lands with a tractor and a barn that has a sheep and cow next to it with the words Celebrating the 2024 PA Farm Show! at the top.

It’s officially PA Farm Show Week!

As we embark towards the 108th Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest indoor agricultural exposition under one roof in the nation, we celebrate the richness and quality of Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry.  

For over a century, the PA Farm Show has attracted visitors from across the Commonwealth to enjoy 12,000+ competitive events and exhibits, view nearly 250 commercial exhibits, and partake in a week full of educational and entertaining events. This year’s theme, “Connecting Our Communities”, encourages guests to engage with members of the agriculture industry directly and discover the incredible diversity found within these communities.​

The 2024 Farm Show provides multiple opportunities for individuals who want to get more involved with agriculture and their communities. Throughout the week, learners of all ages can meet with farmers, producers, and educators to learn more about Pennsylvania’s leading industry.


A highlight this year is the “So You Want to Be a Farmer?” booth, which allows learners to get hands-on experience with different child-friendly farming tools. This interactive stop teaches how to properly grow and care for seeds and plants at the Planting Station, as well as provide one-on-one time with real farmers to ask questions and learn more about how agriculture connects all of us. 

The PA Preferred® Culinary Connection stage invites learners to speak with local chefs, media personalities and special guests to learn about Pennsylvania’s many foods and crops and how they can be incorporated into favorite meals! Be sure to visit the stage and pick up your copy of the 2024 PA Preferred® Culinary Connection Recipe Book.


Those curious about the ‘whys” and “whats” of the PA agriculture industry are also encouraged to become AgExplorers! Wander the Farm Show Complex with an AgExplorer Passport, seek out the AgExplorer stations, and learn from guides about PA agriculture through fun, interactive, and hands-on learning. These stations will help explain things ranging from how baby chicks are born and cared for through the Hatch Livestream, how important bees are to the foods we eat, and much more.


Even if attending this year’s Farm Show isn’t possible, learners are invited to visit virtually through the Pennsylvania Farm Show AgExplorer program, where they’ll discover videos, reading guides, and worksheets that highlight Pennsylvania’s rich agriculture communities.


Regardless of where you visit, we hope that this year’s Farm Show will connect you, and every Commonwealth learner, with the rich diversity of Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry. To learn more about the state of agriculture education in Pennsylvania, visit the Commission for Agricultural Education Excellence's 2022 Agriculture Education Report. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to see how you can get involved and connect with your agriculture community.

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