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Senior Speak - A Podcast Dedicated to Celebrating the Class of 2020

May 14, 2020 04:30 PM

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Elizabeth Forward School District (Elizabeth, Pennsylvania) seniors Rafael Delao and Ethan Cain were looking for a way to spread positivity during a time of so much uncertainty while also sharing the extraordinary stories of high school seniors. With help from Mr. Steve Hartnett, their former eighth grade teacher and current Technology Director, the three created the Senior Speak Podcast.

They begin each episode with remote learning tips – Rafael and Ethan provide students with tips, ranging from ways to stay organized to maintaining a routine while learning remotely, and Mr. Hartnett offers advice to parents and educators.

The key segment of each episode is the senior interview, where seniors share their experiences with remote learning and other stories with listeners. One senior explained how she has helped raise $20,000 dollars for local families. Another described his Eagle Scout project. And another student shared information on a project that helps children in the foster care system. The seniors reflect on their time as students and praise the teachers who have made an impact on their lives. Guests of the podcast share their future aspirations and also provide words of encouragement to their peers.

Each episode ends with a “What We Learned” segment. In this segment, Rafael, Ethan, and Mr. Hartnett reflect on the interviews and share their main takeaways.

Rafael, Ethan, and Mr. Hartnett are consistently in awe of the amazing work students accomplish, and hope the podcast not only brings awareness to the Class of 2020, but also leaves listeners feeling inspired to make an impact.

Listen to the Senior Speak Podcast.

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