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May is National Bike Month

Tags: Safety
May 28, 2021 12:00 AM
By: PDE Press and Communications Office

Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, and with summer approaching, children and adults alike are putting the pedal to the pavement and riding bikes. An increase in bike traffic calls for increased awareness and safety.

Approximately 80 million bicyclists share the road with motorized vehicles, so it is important to take some basic measures to ensure safety. The National Safety Council offers four precautions to keep in mind before you take your next ride:

  • Check your equipment. Make sure your seat is adjusted properly, all parts are secure and working, tires are inflated, the bike is equipped with reflectors, and you have a bell or a horn. 
  • Be seen. Wear brightly colored clothing and ride during daylight hours whenever possible. If you must ride at night, make sure to wear reflective clothing and use flashing lights.
  • Wear a helmet. Helmets should be worn by everyone – adults and children alike – every time, regardless of the length of the ride. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers a helpful guide on fitting your bike helmet.
  • Follow the rules of the road. Know the traffic laws – bicyclists must follow the same rules as motorists. Make sure to ride single-file in the same direction traffic is flowing, remain alert, use hand signals when turning, and always look left, right, and left again before entering traffic or crossing an intersection. 

Celebrate National Bike Month with bike safety in your head – and under your helmet – now and yearlong!

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