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​Promoting Positive Learning Climates Online and at Home

NOTE: links shared that take users beyond the Pennsylvania Department of Education's website to a non-PDE website, organization, product, process, service, manufacturer, or company do not constitute endorsement or recommendation by PDE, and, PDE is not responsible for the content featured on any of the sites or pages referenced. Educators should be mindful of digital resources that require teachers or students to create online accounts. Please check with district policies and consider HIPPA, FERPA, and COPPA laws with regards to student privacy BEFORE implementing any of these resources.

Strategies to Promote Safety/Wellness Online and at Home

Maintain norms and routines to the greatest extent possible

Provide age/role appropriate information to caregivers and children

Online safety and digital citizenship

Ensure safe homes and workspaces

Attend to physical and emotional safety needs through tiered systems of community support

Support Strategies for Children, Families and Remote Teachers

Physical supports

Feeding and other services in conjunction with local service agencies

​Exercise and wellness activities


Mental and behavioral health supports

Implement self-care routines for adults

Provide developmentally appropriate information and support

​Conduct periodic check-ins with students who have known needs

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Strategies for Children

Resources for adults on modeling and promoting social emotional learning in the home

Recorded SEL or mindfulness videos (examples only)

Online Story Times (examples only)

Practicing Social and Emotional Skills Remotely (examples only)