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Career Ready Skills Implementation


Implementation Resources

Implementing the PA CRS should begin at the LEA level. A three-phase process has been developed to assist LEAs with determining readiness, support the planning process for integration of the PA CRS into schools and classrooms and, implement the PA CRS into the school community.

Adapted from: Leading an SEL School

Integration Phases:  Readiness, Planning, and Implementation

A school LEA would develop an integrated K-12 Career Ready Skills system through three phases—Readiness, Planning, and Implementation.


Implementation Resources

This section of the toolkit is designed to support educators with implementing the PA Career Ready Skills in the classroom.  The section consists of general practices/behaviors that can be readily implemented as well as specific practices and strategies for each of the Career Ready Skills.  A readiness assessment is provided to support educators in determining their capacity for implementation of the PA Career Ready Skills.

Specific Practices and Teaching Strategies

The document below is divided by domain and specific Career Ready Skill, performance indicators directly related to the skill, supportive practices that will provide adults with specific behaviors to engage students with practicing the skill and specific teaching strategies for use in the classroom and school environment.  They are listed by grade level band.

Self Awareness & Self Management
Establishing and Maintaining Relationships
Social Problem-Solving Engagement Resources