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Workshop Series: Educator Retention

Gathering and using staff perspectives on working conditions

Learn about approaches to better understanding educator and staff views on school climate and working conditions. These include surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one conversations. The workshop will introduce suggested tools and resources, and address how to analyze and apply the quantitative and qualitative data gathered about staff perspectives.

Career growth opportunities

Strategic educator retention often includes opportunities for educators to expand to leadership and/or decision-making roles. Beyond aiding with retention, these roles can support school and LEA priorities. This workshop will explore a variety of career growth opportunities and approaches to ensure that all qualified educators have access to such opportunities.

Supporting positive relationships among colleagues and with leaders

Large-scale surveys of teachers show that the top factors affecting decisions to stay in or leave a teaching position include the quality of collegial relationships and of relationships with school leaders. Facilitating positive and supportive relationships involves complex and long-term work. This workshop will address approaches to supporting such relationships in schools.