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2018-19 CSI SI Allocations

District NameSchool NameTotal Allocation
Pittsburgh SDPittsburgh Allegheny 6-8$109,621.36
Pittsburgh SDPittsburgh Langley K-8$318,553.16
Pittsburgh SDPittsburgh Morrow K-6$332,662.84
Pittsburgh SDPittsburgh Classical 6-8$164,974.72
Pittsburgh SDPittsburgh King K-8$233,895.08
Pittsburgh SDPittsburgh Milliones 6-12$191,566.04
Pittsburgh SDAcademy at Westinghouse$429,802.56
Pittsburgh SDTotal Allocation
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel CS-Homestead$77,665.00
Propel CS-HomesteadTotal Allocation
McKeesport Area SDFounders Hall Middle Sch$279,227.33
McKeesport Area SDTotal Allocation
Keystone Education Center CSKeystone Education Center CS$77,665.00
Keystone Education Center CSTotal Allocation
Perseus House CS of ExcellencePerseus House CS of Excellence$123,308.98
Perseus House CS of ExcellenceTotal Allocation
Central PA Digital Learning Foundation CSCentral PA Digital Lrng Foundation CS$77,665.00
Central PA Digital Learning Foundation CS Total Allocation$77,665.00
New Day Charter SchoolNew Day Charter School$77,665.00
New Day Charter SchoolTotal Allocation
La Academia Partnership Charter SchoolLa Academia Partnership Charter School$99,592.01
La Academia Partnership Charter School Total Allocation$99,592.01
Lancaster SDHand MS$267,068.68
Lancaster SDReynolds MS$269,366.37
Lancaster SDLincoln MS$242,199.20
Lancaster SDWheatland MS$267,799.20
Lancaster SDTotal Allocation
I-LEAD Charter SchoolI-LEAD Charter School$145,235.99
I-LEAD Charter SchoolTotal Allocation
Reading SDSouthern MS$696,778.49
Reading SDReading Intermediate HS$1,462,985.70
Reading SDTotal Allocation
Commonwealth Charter Academy CSCommonwealth Charter Academy CS$425,963.06
Commonwealth Charter Academy CSTotal Allocation
Pennsylvania Distance Learning CSPennsylvania Distance Learning CS$77,665.00
Pennsylvania Distance Learning CSTotal Allocation
Harrisburg City SDHarrisburg HS$536,652.42
Harrisburg City SDRowland Academy$374,643.18
Harrisburg City SDDowney Sch$187,127.01
Harrisburg City SDTotal Allocation
Reach Cyber CSReach Cyber CS$77,665.00
Reach Cyber CSTotal Allocation
Steelton-Highspire SDSteelton-Highspire HS$256,157.13
Steelton-Highspire SDTotal Allocation
Hazleton Area SDFreeland El/MS$605,206.04
Hazleton Area SDTotal Allocation
Bethlehem Area SDBroughal MS$545,484.98
Bethlehem Area SDTotal Allocation
Allentown City SDHarrison-Morton MS$412,157.94
Allentown City SDFrancis D Raub MS$483,108.02
Allentown City SDSouth Mountain MS$516,244.81
Allentown City SDTrexler MS$433,133.36
Allentown City SDTotal Allocation
Norristown Area SDStewart MS$356,504.60
Norristown Area SDTotal Allocation
Achievement House CSAchievement House CS$90,194.72
Achievement House CS Total Allocation$90,194.72
Chester-Upland SDChester HS$478,124.30
Chester-Upland SDToby Farms Intermediate School$183,600.00
Chester-Upland SDSTEM at Showalter$196,549.80
Chester-Upland SDTotal Allocation
William Penn SDPenn Wood MS$329,133.89
William Penn SDTotal Allocation
Agora Cyber CSAgora Cyber CS$350,492.65
Agora Cyber CSTotal Allocation
Esperanza Cyber CSEsperanza Cyber CS$104,066.81
Esperanza Cyber CSTotal Allocation
Olney Charter High SchoolOlney Charter High School$1,046,194.40
Olney Charter High SchoolTotal Allocation
Philadelphia City SDCatharine Joseph Sch$414,776.63
Philadelphia City SDBache-Martin Sch$368,774.89
Philadelphia City SDDay Anna B Sch$347,055.31
Philadelphia City SDSteel Edward Sch$406,994.50
Philadelphia City SDForrest Edwin Sch$933,837.08
Philadelphia City SDComegys Benjamin B Sch$386,274.78
Philadelphia City SDFels Samuel HS$853,840.08
Philadelphia City SDFurness Horace HS$647,835.02
Philadelphia City SDWagner Gen Louis MS$372,214.97
Philadelphia City SDDobbins AVT HS$441,551.45
Philadelphia City SDMastbaum Jules E AVTS$578,659.36
Philadelphia City SDRoxborough HS$469,893.65
Philadelphia City SDLincoln HS$1,364,007.83
Philadelphia City SDBartram John - Main$454,631.21
Philadelphia City SDEdison HS/Fareira Skills$902,908.99
Philadelphia City SDFrankford HS$785,361.29
Philadelphia City SDFranklin Benjamin HS$388,169.62
Philadelphia City SDOverbrook HS$441,774.03
Philadelphia City SDSouth Philadelphia HS$500,620.13
Philadelphia City SDWest Philadelphia HS$356,675.18
Philadelphia City SDHeston Edward Sch$409,954.46
Philadelphia City SDMcKinley William Sch$373,457.22
Philadelphia City SDWashington George HS$1,087,731.69
Philadelphia City SDHarrington Avery D Sch$358,155.16
Philadelphia City SDParkway Northwest$185,737.49
Philadelphia City SDKing Martin Luther HS$480,993.50
Philadelphia City SDClemente Roberto MS$376,659.57
Philadelphia City SDMeehan Austin MS$470,430.87
Philadelphia City SDAmy At Martin$299,695.95
Philadelphia City SDSayre William L MS$321,895.65
Philadelphia City SDStrawberry Mansion HS$195,357.36
Philadelphia City SDWashington Grover Jr Sch$446,701.08
Philadelphia City SDRandolph A. Philip AVT HS$355,195.20
Philadelphia City SDKensington Creative & Performing Arts HS$416,911.53
Philadelphia City SDKensington Health Sciences$370,482.11
Philadelphia City SDSchool of the Future$347,795.30
Philadelphia City SDRhodes E Washington Sch$406,254.51
Philadelphia City SDThe SD of Philadelphia Virtual Academy$471,373.63
Philadelphia City SDThe Workshop School$176,117.62
Philadelphia City SDThe U School: Innovative Lab$199,057.31
Philadelphia City SDThe Linc$202,932.06
Philadelphia City SDBuilding 21$250,341.53
Philadelphia City SDKensington HS$469,590.66
Philadelphia City SDTotal Allocation
Academy CSAcademy CS$90,194.72
Academy CSTotal Allocation
ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber CSASPIRA Bilingual Cyber CS$121,518.68
ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber CSTotal Allocation
ACT Academy Cyber CSACT Academy Cyber CS$77,665.00
ACT Academy Cyber CSTotal Allocation
Center for Student Learning CS at Pennsbury CSCenter for Student Learning CS at Pennsbury CS$77,665.00
Center for Student Learning CS at Pennsbury CS Total Allocation$77,665.00
Crispus Attucks Youthbuild CSCrispus Attucks Youthbuild CS$77,665.00
Crispus Attucks Youthbuild CSTotal Allocation
Hill House Passport Academy CSHill House Passport Academy CS$77,665.00
Hill House Passport Academy CSTotal Allocation
Pennsylvania Cyber CSPennsylvania Cyber CS$389,028.00
Pennsylvania Cyber CSTotal Allocation
Sus-Q Cyber CSSus-Q Cyber CS$77,665.00
Sus-Q Cyber CSTotal Allocation
Sto-Rox SDSto-Rox Primary Center $185,600.00
Sto-Rox SDTotal Allocation
Youth Build Philadelphia CSYouth Build Philadelphia CS$77,665.00
Youth Build Philadelphia CSTotal Allocation
Khepera CSKhepera CS$77,665.00
Khepera CSTotal Allocation
Total Allocations