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The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), in conjunction with the State Neglected and Delinquent Advisory Committee, recently finished an analysis of the funding formula for Title I Part D (subpart 2) in the Commonwealth.

The results have indicated that an alteration in the way these resources are allocated is necessary in order to ensure students are receiving a quality education. The current formula allocates a per-pupil amount to each child in residential care at least one day in the window of October 31 through November 29 in a facility completing the appropriate request for funding. This has the effect of disproportionately allocating resources to short term and temporary stay facilities. Since these types of facilities are less likely to have a lasting impact on a child's academic career in comparison to facilities that are designed for longer stays, PDE will, beginning with the 2016-17 school year, exclude any child not in residence at least 15 days in the October-November reporting window for the purpose of generating a facility's allocation.

However, you will still report on your upcoming 3048 all children in residence at least one (1) day, as these children capture funding for Pennsylvania at the national level. PDE will simply exclude them on our end when generating facility allocations.

A comparison of what a facility would have received if the new formula was in place for this year can be found below:

PDE allocates federal funds from the United State Department of Education to Local Education Agencies. A listing, by school year, of the formula allocations that are administered by the Division of Federal Programs can be found below:

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