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Division of Subsidy Administration
Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management
Pennsylvania Department of Education

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Child Accounting
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Office of Comptroller Operations
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Organizational Chart

Main Telephone Number:  717-787-5423 (choose from options 1-5)

1 - Child Accounting
2 - Transportation
3 - Charter School Funding
4 - General Fund Budget​
5 - All other inquiries

Benjamin Hanft, Division Chief
Wanda Seibert, Administrative Support
Isaac Salapa, Statistician

Child Accounting Section
Duties:  PIMS-Child Accounting; Act 80 of 1969
Lori Sieber, Manager
Scott Cole

Financial Analysis Section
Duties:  Act 141 of 2012; Indirect cost rates
Julie Harmantzis, Manager
Keegan Asper
Glenn Geib

Subsidy Administration Section
Duties:  State subsidies; Act 1; Pupil transportation; CS subsidy redirection; General Fund Budgets
Valecia Pierce, Manager
Alicia Esposito
Christi Gordon
Chris Hammer
Jonathan Hollenbach​