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Information contained on these webpages includes:  instructions for reporting the Annual Financial Report, General Fund Budget, and PIMS-Child Accounting data.

To assist with information required to be reported to PDE and the associated deadlines, PDE publishes a comprehensive Data Reporting Calendar (showing both PIMS and non-PIMS information).

Child Accounting

Includes forms and instructions for filing with PDE and for school recordkeeping as well as other information related to the data collection process and child accounting in general. 

General Fund Budget

Includes instruction manuals and other important information related to the required submission of General Fund Budgets to PDE.

Office of Comptroller Operations

Includes instruction manuals related to the submission of Annual Financial Reports to PDE and various documents containing accounting guidance to Pennsylvania LEAs. 

Pupil Transportation

Includes instructions for submitting web-based data in eTran as well as general information regarding the provision of pupil transportation and the calculation of transportation subsidies.

Section 2552.1 Forfeitures

Includes information related to the subsidy forfeitures imposed due to the late filing of three sets of data (AFR, GFB, PIMS-Child Accounting).

Section 907-A IU Reporting

Includes information related to the required submission of data by each intermediate unit.

Social Security Subsidy

Includes information related to the School Employees' Social Security subsidy.
Contact information for each subject area is listed at the bottom of each page.