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Proposed PIMS Changes

As we have done in previous years, PDE is proposing to implement PIMS changes that are necessary to meet PDE's federal and state reporting requirements.  After reviewing the changes below, please provide your official comments.

2020-21 SY Proposed PIMS Changes

Name Section Data Field(s) Impacted Change Details
Act 16 Fund Category UpdatesStudent Fact template - Special Education for Act 16 ReportField 7: ACT 16 FUND CATEGORY
PIMS Manual Vol. 2: Appendix AJ
Due to the 2.4% CPI (Consumer Price Index) increase: Update valid values for ACT 16 FUND CATEGORY.Annual valid value updates:
  1 – Description-  $1.00 - $26,505.90
  2 – Description- $26,505.91 - $53,011.82
  3 – Description- $53,011.83 - $79,517.74
  4 – Description- $79,517.75 and Over
Home Language  UpdatesStudent and Student Snapshot templatesField 123:
PIMS Manual Vol. 2: Appendix J
Deactivate invalid and/or unutilized values for HOME LANGUAGE CODE. These codes can be reactivated on an as needed basis.Updates:
  - Deactivate language codes that can not identify a student as EL.
  - Deactivate 205 language codes that have not been utilized in either PIMS or EDFacts.
Staff Assignment UpdatesSafe Schools staff data collectionField 3: STAFF ASSIGNMENT CODEAlignment of the individual security staff data collection into a single timeframe and set of rules in order to resolve current data quality issues.

Identifying school security staff by PPID will allow the tracking of school security personnel across LEAs. 
  - Change individual school security staff data collection from C6 -Safe Schools to C1 - October Staff and C6-Staff updates data sets.
  - School security staff will be reported with a PPID.
  - STAFF ASSIGNMENT CODE valid values update: Replace 9998 (School Security Personnel) with new codes: SPO (School Police Officer), SRO (School Resource Officer), and SSO (School Security Officer). 
Safe Schools & Special Education Tables 13 & 9ASafe Schools/Special Education -Penn Data Table 13 and 9A data collection Table 13 data will only be collected via PIMS.

Table 9A data will still be collected via PIMS and Penn Data for another year of review in order to increase data quality.
  - Table 13: Continue data collection via Safe Schools PIMS data collection. Retire data collection via Penn Data file submission.
  - Table 9A: Continue data collection via both Safe Schools PIMS data collection and Penn Data file submission.
Injury Severity -  Incident Offender TemplateIncident Offender template New Field: INJURY SEVERITY CODEIn order to meet School Code Section 1303A requirments: Injury severity must be collected for offenders.Valid Values:
   1 – Offender did not sustain physical injury
   3 – Injury but NOT serious bodily injury
   4 – Serious bodily injury
   5 – Death
New EL Coordinator CollectionLEA EL Coordinator information The EL program office requires an improved method of collecting LEA's EL Coordinators and their contact information. The EL program office requires collection of this data for the following reasons:
  - Data submission to the test vendor (DRC) for ACCESS for ELLs test material shipment and test session setup.
  - Communication with LEAs regarding collection requirements for data submission, testing, and data validation.
CTE Industry CredentialsCTE Student Industry Credential TemplateField 7 - INDUSTRY CREDENTIAL CODE 
PIMS Manual Vol. 2: Appendix Q
In order to meet Perkins CTE Impovement Act of 2006 requirements: Update to valid values for INDUSTRY CREDENTIAL CODE.Annual valid value updates:
  - Remove 5 code
  - Add 36 codes.
Delivery Method Valid Value UpdatesCTE Student Fact Template

CTE Student Industry Credential Template

In order to meet Chapter 339 Program requirements: Update valid values for DELIVERY METHOD CODE.Valid value updates:
  50 – Occupational
  60 – Tech Prep
  70 – Program of Study
  75 – Career and Technical
  80 – Adult Affidavit Program
CTE Status Type UpdatesCTE Student Fact TemplateField 10 - CTE STATUS TYPE CODE
PIMS Manual Vol. 2: Appendix P
In order to meet Chapter 339 Program completion requirements: Update special education related verbiage in descriptions of valid values for CTE STATUS TYPE CODE. Update verbiage of valid values for 30 - COMPLETED CTE PROGRAM AND DID NOT GRADUATE, 40 - COMPLETED CTE PROGRAM AND GRADUATED, and 60-GRADUATED AND DID NOT COMPLETE CTE PROGRAM to: "... necessary to achieve his/her career objective (or met appropriate related IEP objectives), on the state developed task list or met appropriate related IEP objectives..."