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Private Academic Certification for Licensed Private Academic Schools

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​Is private academic certification required to teach in a private school? 

How do I qualify for private academic certification?

Is a bachelor's degree required for private academic certification?

​What courses are accepted for private academic certification? 

Can CLEP tests be used toward the content area credits?

​If I don't meet the requirements, can I be issued a temporary private academic certificate?

​How do I apply for the temporary private academic certificate?

​Can a temporary private academic certificate be re-issued?

​Do I need to submit separate applications to be certified in more than one subject area?

​What documents do I need to submit to complete my application?            

​Do I need to submit clearance documents to PDE?

​Should my college send transcripts directly to PDE?

How do I check the status of my application?

​Once my application has been approved, will PDE mail my certificate?

​If I am already certified, is a health certificate required?

​If I am not a United States citizen, can I obtain private academic certification?

​If I completed my degree outside of the United States, what do I need to submit?

​How long is my private academic certificate valid? 

​Is private academic certification required to teach in a non-public/non-licensed private school?

​If I hold private academic certification, am I obligated to meet Act 48 requirements?

​If I hold an inactive public school certification, can I teach in a licensed private academic school?

​Who should I contact if I have questions regarding this process?