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​STEM and Computer Science FAQ

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What is STEM?

Who can teach STEM?

​What is computer science (CS)?

​Who can teach computer science?

What standards guide computer science instruction in Pennsylvania?

What organizations support computer science education?

What are some computer science curriculum frameworks and resources in Pennsylvania?

What credit may be given for a computer science course at the high school level?

Does a computer science teacher need to be certified in math or science for the computer science course to count towards math or science credit, pursuant to Section 1605 (c)(1)?

Are Pennsylvania colleges and universities offering programs  leading to computer science certification?

Where can educators find information and training on STEM and computer science?

Table 1: Additional Examples of Computer Science and STEM Resources

OrganizationCurriculumProfessional Development1
Beauty and Joy of ComputingYear-long CS Principles course, freeIn-person in NYC, Berkeley, CA and North Carolina, free, stipends in NYC, stipends + travel elsewhere paid as available
BootstrapTeach algebra through video-game programming, with a 20-hr module to go alongside or inside a math class3-day workshops for schools and districts. Fees range
CodeHS4-year high school CS pathway. Intro CS JavaScript, Intro CS Python, Advanced Placement (AP) CS Principles, AP CS in Java, Computing Ideas, Web Design and more, free. Pro plans for schools start at $2,500Online PD for Teaching Intro CS, Teaching AP Java, and Teaching AP CS Principles, 30-40-hour course, $1,500/teacher
EdhesiveYear-long AP CS course, freeOnline PD, community and content/technical/program support available, $2,200 per school
Exploring CSYear-long introductory high school course aimed at broadening participation in CS. 6 units, 6 weeks eachWeek-long summer institute and quarterly one-day academic year workshops
Globaloria6 game-design courses, $75/student3-day, in-person training and ongoing online PD, fee included in student price
Mobile CSPYear-long CS Principles course, materials available online, freeOnline, regional in-person offered in CT, MA, NH and CA (others may be available), free, stipends available
NMSIYear-long AP CS Principles/AP CS A course, freeIn-person summer training + PD throughout the year. One-on-one mentoring available to partner schools, free
Project Lead the Way3 courses, $2,000/school5 or 10-day in-person training, $1200 or $2400, depending on course
ScratchEd6-unit course, freeIn-person educator meet-ups and online MOOC, free
TEALS3 courses, including AP CS A, freeProgram implemented by TEALS volunteers, $5,000
UC Davis C-STEMMultiple academic year-long courses on computing in math, programming, and robotics. Annual subscription/$1,000. Software $300/computer lab. Free PDF files.$150/day for training held at UC Davis campus. Costs vary for on-site training

1Prices listed are current as of summer 2019. Please refer to organizations' websites for updated and specific information.

​ More Information

More information on STEM and computer science.

More information on staffing guidelines and subject specific program guidelines.