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Validity: Intern & Level I Certificates

An Intern certificate or a Level I certificate must be converted to the next level certificate by the end of its validity period.

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What is certificate validity?

How long is my certificate valid?

Who should I contact for specific questions regarding the validity of my Administrative I five-year Principal certificate?

What is a lapsed (or invalid) certificate?

What is an inactive certificate?

What service time must be counted against the certificate?

What if I serve in a Pennsylvania charter school?

What if I serve in a Pennsylvania private licensed academic school or a non-public, non-licensed school?

What other conditions affect whether or not my service time counts against my certificate validity?

How do I count my service time if I serve as a long-term substitute (Instructional or Educational Specialist) and do not work an entire school year? 

​If I am serving on an Administrative I (or Supervisory I) certificate, how is my service time calculated?

If I am serving on one of the following certificates issued under the 1999 regulations, do I need to convert it to a Level II certificate?

How do unsatisfactory ratings affect my certificate?

What should be done if the school entity or the educator believes that their certificate is about to lapse or has already lapsed?

Can I apply for an extension of my certificate validity due to extenuating circumstances such as financial hardship, critical medical issues or family issues?

If my certificate lapses and I do not convert it to a Level II immediately, do I have to enroll in a new college certificate program and meet new testing requirements?

​Completing the Validity Response Sheet

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Do the dates listed on my certificate indicate when the certificate will lapse or expire?

When will my certificate lapse or expire?

Do you have an official list of my service in Pennsylvania?

When do I need to complete and send the official Documentation Worksheet for Determining Certificate Validity?