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Level I to Level II

Level I Pennsylvania Instructional and Educational Specialist certifications are valid for six (6) years of service, not calendar years. 
If you have been teaching in Pennsylvania on a Level I certificate for 3-6 years of satisfactory service and have earned 24 post-baccalaureate credits, you can apply for a Level II certificate.  The following conditions must be met:
  • Six credits must be associated with your area(s) of certification and/or must be designed to improve professional practice
  • You must have three years of satisfactory service on a Level I certificate,  verified by the chief school administrator of the employing school entity
  • You must have completed a PDE induction program verified by the chief school administrator of your employing entity
The specific requirements for Level II certification can be found on:
Your application for Level II certification must be submitted through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS).