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Common PVAAS Questions from Teachers​

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Who can see my report?

Why did I not get a report?

Why can’t I see my students’ data?

Can I still see the roster data I verified last spring?

Which students are included in my reporting?

What does the Composite mean?

What does the Standard Error mean on my report?

How did I do compared to other teachers in my school, district, and in the state?

What do the PVAAS colors really mean on my Value Added report?

Am I at a disadvantage because I have a small number of students?

How can my students show growth when they are already very high (or very low) achieving?

If my students lost ground the year prior, do they have to make that up to be able to show growth with me this year?

My students did well on our common assessments. Why am I not getting blue or green for growth in PVAAS?

Why isn’t attendance taken into account?

Why can’t I calculate my own value-added score?

Why should I trust the methodology or statistical models used?