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​Using PVAAS

The PVAAS Statewide Team for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) provides statewide professional learning, resource development, and technical assistance for the statewide implementation of the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System (PVAAS) in response to the needs of PDE.

A range of statewide professional learning opportunities are provided each school year to Pennsylvania’s educators. These are offered through a variety of methods, including on-site training sessions at local IUs, webinars, and conference sessions. These professional learning opportunities are published each school year.

Professional Learning at a Glance

For questions regarding statewide support or professional learning, please contact the PVAAS Statewide Team via phone: 717-606-1911 or email:

Using PVAAS in Your Role as an Educator

The power in PVAAS comes from using key PVAAS reports to inform the work you do every day as an educator. Access resources specific to your role.

Focus Forward

These resources are designed to support LEAs and schools in using current school and student data, including but not limited to PVAAS data, to inform their work in spring/summer 2020 to (1) assess student progress in SY19-20, (2) plan for SY20-21, and (3) plan strategies for the use of student data in fall 2020 and throughout SY20-21.

Understanding PVAAS Reporting

These resources offer information to expand your understanding of PVAAS reporting.

Communicating about PVAAS

These resources offer information to assist you in your communications about PVAAS reporting.

General Use of PVAAS Reporting

These resources offer information to assist you in making use of PVAAS growth and projection data.