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Using PVAAS as a Teacher

The power in PVAAS comes from using key PVAAS reports to inform the work you do every day as a teacher. This includes engaging in self-reflection, setting classroom goals and priorities, planning for individual students, providing differentiated instruction, and collaborating with school data team colleagues. This page offers resources specific to a teacher’s purpose in using PVAAS.

Getting Started

These resources offer information to assist you in getting started with using PVAAS data as a teacher.

Engage in Self-Reflection

These resources offer information on how to use PVAAS to engage in self-reflection towards professional growth.

Set Classroom Goals & Priorities

These resources offer information on how to use PVAAS to set classroom goals and priorities.

Plan for Individual Students

These resources provide information on how to use PVAAS to identify students' levels of risk and plan for appropriate instruction and support.

Provide Differentiated Instruction

Collaborate with School Data Team Colleagues

Support and Assistance

For answers to questions regarding statewide support or professional learning, please contact the PVAAS Statewide Team via phone: 717-606-1911 or email: