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PVAAS Professional Learning Opportunities and Support

A range of PVAAS statewide training opportunities are provided each school year to Pennsylvania's educators. These are offered through a variety of methods, including on-site at Intermediate Units, webinars, and conference sessions. These professional learning opportunities are published each school year and can be found via the link below.

All webinars and virtual professional learning sessions are recorded and available through the PVAAS playlist on PDE’s YouTube channel.

Please contact the PVAAS Statewide Team at for professional learning materials, including PowerPoint presentations.

PA Data Powershots

PA Data Powershots are short videos, generally less than 10 minutes, designed to support educators in the understanding and use of data within the context of decision-making at the district, school, grade/subject, classroom, and student levels. Each PA Data Powershot is focused on a specific concept, skill, report, or use of data – and can be used for individual educator learning or within larger groups such as data team meetings or professional learning communities.

Access the PA Data Powershots

Learning Paths

PVAAS professional learning paths are now available to educators! These learning paths are designed to support educators' understanding and use of PVAAS reporting. Each learning path is focused on a different educator role or purpose, in order to provide targeted professional learning in a specific area of interest.

Access the PVAAS learning paths.

Online Help

When viewing PVAAS reporting on the public or restricted sites, users can access a "smart" help system by selecting the Help link located in the blue menu bar. This will direct the user to detailed information regarding the reporting the user is currently viewing.

e-Learning Modules

Training and support are also available through PVAAS e-Learning Modules. These learning modules on specific PVAAS reports and concepts can be accessed via the PVAAS website within the Professional Learning section.

You can also access these modules through the following steps.

  • For those who do NOT have access to the restricted site, the modules can be accessed by selecting the blue "Public Access" button in the middle of the login page. Then select the e-Learning link located in the blue menu bar.
  • For those who do have access to the restricted website, the report-specific modules can be accessed right from each PVAAS report. Additionally, all modules are available by selecting the e-Learning link located in the blue menu bar.

Using Predictive Analytics in Schools

The following SAS® On-Demand Webinar features two innovative school leaders, Dr. Melenas (North Carolina) and Ms. Stacey Cherny (Principal and Curriculum Specialist, Southside Elementary School in the Central Dauphin School District). Dr. Melenas and Ms. Cherny discuss how predictive analytics helps teachers, counselors, and school leaders make informed decisions that foster student academic growth.

Support and Assistance

For answers to questions regarding statewide support or professional learning, please contact the PVAAS Statewide Team via phone: 717-606-1911 or email: