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​​​Diploma Project Toolkit

The Diploma Project Toolkit is a handbook created to assure success for migrant students in earning a high school diploma and making a smooth transition to career or postsecondary education.

The Diploma Project Toolkit is designed for use by the Pennsylvania Migrant Education Program (PA-MEP) in conversation with migrant students and their families and with input from the school counselor and others. It includes practical guidelines for setting academic and career goals, planning a course of study based on the high school credits and courses required by the local school and district, preparing for exams, and finding a suitable postsecondary program.

The Diploma Project Toolkit is divided into four student units, which may be used in any order depending on student goals/needs. There is a companion parent unit document, translated in ten languages. Each unit provides information, tips, and a culminating activity for review of the unit. Each unit also provides an action plan that encourages students to apply their new knowledge.

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Diploma Project Toolkit for Students (Word)