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​​Legislative Hearing Materials

In compliance with Administrative Circular 24-02, commonwealth agencies must provide budget hearing materials to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees prior to the agency's budget hearings to assist in making timely decisions and thoroughly analyze the 2024-25 Proposed Governor's Executive Budget. All materials must reflect decisions contained in the Governor's 2024-25 Executive Budget. The agency request must provide its mission, program goals/objectives, measures, performance, and effectiveness and describe strategies and methods for achieving such goals and objectives. In addition, it must articulate its fundamental mission and identify the operational priorities reflected in its budget request.

Summary of Governor's Executive Budget

The Summary of the Governor's Executive Budget, released on February 6, 2024, details the following:

  • The cost assumptions upon which the 2024-25 proposed amount was computed.
  • Goals or objectives that are to be achieved with the proposed funding.
  • Statutory Authority governing the program and authorizes the expenditure of funds.
  • Information on funds lapsed back to the general fund and funds extended for one year under Act 146 of 1980.

2024-25 Education Summary of the Governor's Recommended Budget (PDF)

Contract Listin​gs

A list of contracts and grants detailing activities in excess of $5,000 for prior fiscal year 2022-23, current fiscal year 2023-24 and planned contracts for the remaining portion of fiscal year 2023-24. These lists include an indicator for anticipated contracts for fiscal year 2024-25. The list also includes interagency agreements and memorandums of understanding. All lists include the dollar value, the appropriation that funds it, the vendor, document number, the name and general location within the department, and the purpose of each contract.

2024-25 Education Supplemental Data (PDF)

Request for Ap​proval of Feder​​al Funds (RAFF) Book​

The RAFF Book is a collection of forms that are required to be completed for each federal appropriation that is requested in the fiscal year 2024-25 budget. The legislature uses these forms throughout the year for all requested changes to the federal grants included in the General Appropriations Act.

2024-25 Education Request for Appropriation of Federal Funds​ (PDF)