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Presenter & Volunteer Information

Presenter Information

Data Summit presenters will have the unique opportunity to provide their expertise to LEA attendees across the state. If selected, you agree to share a copy of the presentation for posting on the Data Summit website, in the Conference Schedule software, and the DQN website. This year will be a unique Summit, and since it is being held virtually, all presentations will be via live presentations in a Zoom room or pre-recorded webinars.

Presentations run for one hour, and presenters must be comfortable with Zoom, so they can share their presentation slides during the session. A Volunteer will manage the Q&A aspect of the session and present the questions at the end of your session.

Presenters will be formally notified by Friday, January 8, 2021, and final presentations will be due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by Friday, February 12, 2021.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers are required to participate in assignments Monday through Wednesday from the start of keynotes to the end of sessions. As a volunteer, you will be assigned to a Zoom room with another volunteer as your partner. One or both volunteers must be present for all 10 sessions in their Zoom room. All volunteers will be formally notified by December 11, 2020.

With the 2021 Data Summit being completely virtual, the main assignments will be keynote and session facilitation, however, there are a variety of tasks that volunteers will be engaged in leading up to the Summit as well. There will also be several meetings prior to the Data Summit that selected volunteers will be expected to attend via phone or Zoom. If you cannot attend a meeting or help with an assigned task, please be sure to contact Adrian and/or the Data Summit Team:

The Data Summit Team will work with volunteers and assign them to a Zoom room most suitable to the content they would be attending the Summit to hear.

Official Hashtag: #PDEDataSummit2021