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Instructional Intern Certification

Refer to the Vocational FAQ for information related to the Vocational Intern certificate.

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What are PDE approved Intern programs?

Is there a list of PDE approved Intern programs on your website?

How do I qualify for Intern certification?

​What tests do I need to pass to qualify for Intern certification?

When should I take the tests?

How should I send my test scores to PDE?

​Does my PDE approved Intern program provider need my scores?

Can I apply for an Intern certificate in credential areas other than Instructional?

How long is my Intern certificate valid?

Can my Intern certificate be renewed?

Can my Intern certificate be revoked?

Will substitute teacher service count toward the Intern student teaching requirement?

Can I serve as a day to day substitute teacher on my Intern certificate?

Can I be issued more than one subject area on an Intern certificate?

What documents do I need to submit to complete my application?

Do I need to submit clearance documents to PDE?

Do I need to submit college transcripts to PDE?

​May I obtain a temporary certificate while my application is under review?

How do I check the status of my application?

Once my application has been approved, will PDE mail my Intern certificate?

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding this process?