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New Credential Application

Now that you are logged into your TIMS dashboard, you are ready to submit an application for certification. Look on the left-hand side for the “Applications In Process “ section. Click on the button called “New Credential Application.”

Screenshot Select New Credential Application

You will then need to choose the Credential Type and Requested Subject Area for your application request.

Screenshot Credential Type and Subject Area

Most applications are submitted under the following Credential Types:

Instructional II (62) – The Instructional certificate is issued to a person whose primary responsibility shall be direct contact with learners in teaching-learning situations (i.e., elementary teacher, special education teacher, science teacher, etc.)

  • All instructional certificates will simultaneously convert to Instructional II certificates or simultaneously lapse if the validity period has expired.


Educational Specialist II (32) – The Educational Specialist certificate is issued to a person whose primary responsibility shall be to render professional service other than classroom teaching (i.e., School Nurse, School Counselor, School Psychologist, etc.)

  • Educational Specialist areas of certification do not simultaneously convert to Educational Specialists II certificates or simultaneously lapse.
  • An educator who holds both Elementary and Secondary School Counselor certificates will have both certificates converted simultaneously when service is earned in either elementary, secondary or a combination of the two levels. Both certificates convert to level II when eligibility for at least one of the certificates is presented.

If you do not see your credential type listed above. Please refer to your previously approved Level I certificate to determine the credential type and subject area necessary for the Level II application.

Screenshot of Credential Type and Subject Area to be requested

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