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Requirements for Issuance

Below is an example of a certificate without a calculated expiration date. The Level I certificate is valid for 6 years of service in a PA school setting, not 6 calendar years from the date of issuance. The certificate holder and the employing school entity are responsible for keeping track of the number of service years completed on the Level I.

Screenshot of Credential listing with a circle around the expiration date

Working in Pennsylvania’s school districts, intermediate units, career and technology schools, approved private schools for special education (APS), and/or PK-Counts approved facilities are considered Mandatory Service Settings. Service in a Mandatory Service Setting must be counted against your Level I’s six years of service and should be used towards gaining your Level II certificate. If you are not actively working on your certificate in a PA Mandatory Service Setting, the employment does not count against the life of your certificate. Mandatory service settings, Optional service settings, and Non-Creditable service settings are all outlined in our Certification Staffing Policy Guidelines (CSPG #7.) We advise using the Educational Names and Addresses (EdNA) or contacting your employer directly if you are unsure what category of service your employer falls under.

To convert to an Instructional II, the following must be completed:

Additional clarifications on each requirement are available at the attached links. Once you have completed the four requirements, please apply for your Level II certification by following the instructions provided.